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The Line Between Censorship and Moderation

Ben Thompson of Stratechery has a fantastic piece discussing a few of the issues surrounding content moderation on the Internet. As to the dynamics of publishers vs infrastructure… It makes sense to

30 Day Facebook Sabbatical

Well I was going to leave completely but I know myself well enough that I probably can’t commit to an absolute position straight away so I will instead exit Facebook for 30 days. Let’s go a bit farthe

New Look

Part of the reason I’m leaving Facebook is to spend more time on thoughtful content here on my site. I was never completely happy with the old theme but I left it in place for quite awhile. Recently I

Leaving Facebook

I’m not sure I ever trusted Facebook with my personal data but I have most of the time found enough value in its service to overlook the drawbacks. With news of the 2016 election influence and underhanded decisions by Facebook since then, I have decided to tip the scales the other way and leave the service.