30 Day Facebook Sabbatical

Well I was going to leave completely but I know myself well enough that I probably can’t commit to an absolute position straight away so I will instead exit Facebook for 30 days. Let’s go a bit farther and say March 1. If I don’t miss it during that time, I’ll just make it permanent.

For the most part I enjoy my FB experience as it relates to friends & family and sharing what we’re all up to. There are a couple things that are accessible only on Facebook, such as a local kids’ science meet up. I will need to find another way to participate in the event planning.

The politics frequently suck me in but are mostly a total waste of time - everyone’s dug in and there are few real opportunities to change my view on anything. For that I prefer /r/neutralpolitics or /r/changemyview.

Advertising on the platform can fuck right off. If I could pay for an ad-free experience, I would. Remember this:

If you’re getting the service for free, you’re not the customer, you’re the product.

So, here I go to:

  • Give folks a way to find me outside Facebook
  • Log out of Facebook on all devices
  • Un-install all apps I may have sitting around (though I’m years away fro having used any of their mobile apps)
  • Clear full browser history on any device I’ve touched Facebook with

Will it stick? Is there an over-under on when I’ll cave and end the sabbatical?