Archive: 2016

Atlas V Launch

You might think it odd that a guy who grew up in Florida never witnessed a rocket launch up close. Alas, I attended my first this past weekend. My kids, having an ever increasing appetite for spaceflight, came with me. We all enjoyed it immensely.


I’ve been thinking a lot about how to preserve some of my thoughts publicly and what form this site should take. My misadventures with WordPress on the now-defunct left me with a bad taste in my mouth for PHP frameworks and I remain skeptical of publish-platform-as-a-service offerings like Medium, Tumblr and Facebook. Twitter is too limiting for reasonable discourse.

Site Architecture

The way it works is I have a bunch of Markdown that gets processed by Hexo and synced to an S3 bucket. This is a process that was ostensibly made mainstream by Jekyll but is now supported by a lot of different tools in the same genre.

Back From the Dead

After what was probably the third or fourth battle with hacked WordPress installs, someone finally completely sunk I’m changing strategy and using static files in AWS.